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Plug-ins are handy applications you can add to Yahoo Messenger 10.0 for Windows (download - more info) to get news, play games, listen to music and more. Use plug-ins on your own or load a plug-in during an IM conversation to do fun things with your friends.

Univillage Plug-in


With the Univillage plugin you can search for people on your course, hall, year and Uni and keep track of your friends whichever university they are t. Once you have found the pers… More info


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Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Messenger Admin

Keep track of the most interesting questions of the day on Yahoo Answers with this handy plugin. If you’re a Yahoo Answers user, share your own Questions and Answers with a singl… More info


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UK Messenger Admin

Find out who is in the same location as you or meet people from over 220 countries based on where you are going next! WAYN not only allows you to meet other members based on your n… More info


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Yahoo UK Shopping

UK Messenger Admin

With 1000's of top brands and over 4000 retailers to compare prices from, the Yahoo Shopping plug-in allows you to find what you're looking for quicker and easier than ever… More info


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Yahoo New and Used Car Search

UK Messenger Admin

Looking to buy a new or used car? Search thousands of cars online now via Messenger! Select a make and model & then browse through cars for sale with photos. Once you’ve found th… More info


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You´re not a native speaker of English and have problems understanding your english/american buddies? Click on any word from the conversation and the plug-in will show its meaning… More info


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